Dr. Mustaque Ahmed

Dr. Mustaque Ahmed is a leading infertility specialist at Harvest Infertility Care Ltd in Dhaka. He specializes in the evaluation and treatment of infertility, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), Gynecological Problems Care, Embryo Freezing, and Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Ahmed’s dream since his medical graduation was to help the many neglected infertile couples in his country. In 1995, during his post-graduation from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, he wrote his dissertation on “Quality of Oocyte deteriorates after the age of 35 years,” which is still a widely accepted fact today. He was determined to bring IVF to Bangladesh, as it was 17 years since the first IVF baby was born and there was no IVF facility in the country. With the establishment of Harvest Infertility Care Ltd, Dr. Ahmed has been able to fulfill his dream of helping infertile couples start a family, and he continues to provide the highest standard of care for his patients